Tuesday, October 9, 2018 – Israel (Mt. Sodom, Masada, Ein Gedi)

Looking at Mt. Sodom
Lots Wife at Mt. Sodom
Mt. Sodom: Lot’s Wife (mountain of salt)
Masada – remains of the ramp constructed by the Roman soldiers
Masada – inside the synagogue
Masada – Herod’s large bathhouse
Lazarus tomb – standing in the mourners room with a view further into the tomb
Ein Gedi – hiking up to David’s Falls
Ein Gedi – female ibex standing in the tree
Ein Gedi – an oasis in the desert
Descending into “Lazarus’s tomb”
Dead Sea
Bible Talk: the raising of Lazarus
View from cable car ride up to Masada – Dead Sea in the distance
Sunset view of Jerusalem
Standing atop Masada

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