July 29, 2019 (Lindisfarne on Holy Island)

After a wonderful breakfast at the Carberry Mansion, we embarked for the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, which is actually in England. Lindisfarne is one of the most important centers of early English Christianity. It was here the four Gospels were copied and illustrated by the monks of the Lindisfarne Priory. Years of dedication were spent preserving early Christianity through the four Gospels – our group was awestruck. Seeing the ruins where they lived and worked in complete silence, and then seeing the pages of their labor, was inspiring and unforgettable. A film about how the island was attacked by Vikings multiple times showed how very dedicated they were to their task at hand and how this unswerving dedication played a role for Christianity today.

To reach the island we had to drive over a causeway that is covered when the tide is in, making it necessary to enter the island at low tide and leave the island at low tide. It was impressed upon the group how vital it was to be on time for our departure. We enjoyed walking through the ruins, visiting the heritage center, having lunch in quaint cafes, and exploring the island.

On the way to the Holy Island –

Making our way to the Holy Island. This road to the island is under water during high tide –

Our bus driver, Paul –

On our way to the ruins at Lindisfarne –


Lindisfarne Heritage Center –


Part of the Lindisfarne Priory was made out of these sandstone blocks believed to have been brought to the island –


St. Cuthbert’s Way –

Castle on Holy Island –



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