July 23, 2019 (Oban, Mull, Iona)

Recap of the day –

Today we left Oban for an hour ferry ride to the Isle of Mull. From there our bus drove us for an hour to the foot ferry that would take us to Iona. The road was one lane with places for oncoming vehicles to pause for passing. Once on Iona the sun came out and the day was amazing. Everyone loved the Abbey and landscape on Iona as well as the history from our guide, Sarah, and Kristy’s talk with the group laying the foundation for further talks about the importance of the Bible. Highlights were hearing why it’s important to study the Scriptures.

On our way to the ferry, which will take us from from Oban to the Isle of Mull.

Waiting to board the ferry –

On the ferry –

View of a lighthouse & Duart Castle –

Scenery on the drive across the Isle of Mull –

Boarding the foot ferry to Iona –


On the Ferry to Iona –

Landing on Iona –

Iona –

Our walk from the ferry to the Abbey on Iona –


Along the trail is a stone wall with lovely flowers growing.


The Abbey –
The closest cross has been at the Abbey since Columba came to Iona.


Just prior to boarding the foot ferry back to Mull, the group walked to the shore.


Waiting to board the return ferry –

On the ferry –

Spence Kingsbery and Seylor Switzer were the only two to order chicken stuffed with haggis at our dinner on the return trip.


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