• Megiddo National Park World Heritage Site

Tel Megiddo sits on a strategic location at the head of a pass through the Carmel Range, which overlooks the Valley of Jerzeel. Visited the Canaanite Gateway, the Solomonic Gate and the Casemate Wall, ‘Solomon’s Stables,’ a Lookout over the Valley of Armageddon, and the water shaft and tunnel.” – Bruce Yates

Scale model of Megiddo (referred to as Armageddon)

“Megiddo Temple discovered in 1904 – Tel Megiddo dates back almost 10,000 years! It’s hard to wrap your head around this timeline.” – Bruce Yates

Group Bible talk on the book of Revelation and Armageddon. Fascinating setting.” – Bruce Yates

Soloman’s Stable discovery @ Megiddo. Exquisite sculpture bringing the stables to life after 10,000+ years!” – Bruce Yates

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