May 6 – Mount of Temptation, Jordan River, Beit She’an, Kursi (Israel)


We began our day with a Bible talk at the base of the Mount of Temptation. A Greek Orthodox monastery was built into the mountain’s slopes (see upper left side of picture).
We then shopped at an appropriately named store!
The ladies had quite a few scarves and tops to choose from.


Our morning included a stop at the Jordan River, the baptism site for Jesus. Many religious groups were holding baptisms of their own.
The Jordan River is quite narrow. Jordan occupies the land on the opposite bank.
According to tradition, the Jordan River is also the location of the Israelites’ crossing and Elijah the prophet’s ascension.
The water was actually refreshing!


This afternoon we visited Beit She’an National Park where we saw the impressive ruins of this foremost Roman Decapolis city.

Ruins of Beit She’an
Ruins of Beit She’an
Ruins of Beit She’an
Ruins Beit She’an
Ruins of Beit She’an – According to the Bible, following a Philistine-Israelite battle, the bodies of Saul and his three sons were hung on the city’s walls.
Ruins of Beit She’an – Second century theater that seats 7,000.


Our last stop of the day was Kursi, identified with the biblical town of Gergessa, home of the Gadarenes. Once occupying its own port on the Sea of Galilee, it is believed that Jesus’ healing of the demoniac took place in this town, following Jesus’ stilling of the storm on the Galilee.
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