May 15 – Garden Tomb, Golgotha (Jerusalem, Israel)

This morning we visited the Garden Tomb, just outside the Old City walls
We learn from one of the site’s volunteers why the Garden Tomb is considered by some to be the site of Jesus’ burial and resurrection
An early photograph of Golgotha, adjacent to the Garden Tomb. It’s proximity to the tomb fits the Bible’s description
A tomb such as this one would have belonged to a wealthy family
Golgotha, as it looks today with its skull-like appearance. Roman crucifixion would have occurred at the base of this rock cliff, along the public road.
Garden Tomb – the tomb itself is cut into the rock wall, and some archaeologists date it to the first century
Inside the Garden tomb
Next to the entrance of the tomb, there was a channel for the tomb stone that was rolled in front of the doorway to seal the tomb closed
Learning more history from the Garden Tomb site’s guide
We also visited a traditional site for the city Emmaus. The Gospel of Luke tells us that Jesus appeared before two disciples and walked with them from Jerusalem to Emmaus. Jesus opened the Scriptures for them and recalled what the prophets recorded about the Messiah.
We stopped at a the traditional tomb site of Lazarus from Bethany.
Lazarus’s tomb – most impressive were the 24 steps leading up the steep staircase.
The Israel Museum was our last stop of the tour. Here we can see the City of David leading up to Herod’s Temple.
The Israel Museum. Herod’s Temple.
The Israel Museum model of Jerusalem. It’s been a wonderful tour! We have visited sites where specific Bible events have occurred and gone beyond their physical localities to the spiritual meaning behind the inspiring events of Scripture. Thanks for traveling with us through our photo blog!

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