May 12 – Shiloh, Herodium (Israel)


Today we visited ruins of ancient Shiloh
At Shiloh we walked down to the site where the early tabernacle stood.
The views from Shiloh were also impressive
This area was once flat. The tabernacle remained here until the ark was taken into battle and lost
The tabernacle would have resembled this picture
Bible talk at Shiloh
Walking Shiloh



We made a stop at an antique store, run by Kondo, the grandson of the man who discovered the Dead Sea scrolls. One of the jars that held the scrolls is pictured on the left



In the afternoon, we visited Herodium. Here, our guide discusses the model of the site
Herod built Herodium to commemorate his victory over the Parthians. Here we are standing atop Herodium
Standing atop Herodium and looking down into the fortress
Herodium. The remains of Herod’s olympic-sized swimming pool can be seen below

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