• home town of Mary Magdalene on the western store of the Sea of Galilee

Mary Magdalena was one of several women that traveled with Jesus and his disciples. Identified as a prostitute, mystic, etc. Tradition states that she was sometimes identified as several different women throughout the gospels. Who was this woman and what was her relationship with Jesus? Bible scholars have differing opinions still today. Some think they were even married and she traveled to France and bore him a child. She was an eye witness to the reservation of Jesus at the Garden Tomb. Recent archeological finds have uncovered the actual Synagogue that Jesus preached in often.” – Bruce Yates

“Replica of stone that Jesus would sit or kneel at to read from the Torah in the Synagogue.” – Bruce Yates

Duc in Altum (Latin for “Put out into the Deep): The Boat Chapel has a boat-shaped alter that was crafted from a Lebanese cedar tree. It is modeled after a 1st century boat that was discovered just down the road from Magdala at Nof Ginosar. The church has four small mosaic chapels revealing transforming encounters with Jesus: Mary Magdalene Chapel, Daughter of Jairus Chapel, Fishers of Men Chapel, and Walking on the Water Chapel.” – Bruce Yates

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