July 7 – Worms, Heidelberg, Mainz

Luther Monument of 1868, Worms (honors Luther and other reformers; the largest Reformation monument in the world; etched beneath Luther is his famous statement, “Here I stand, I can do otherwise; so help me God! Amen!”, Luther’s last words before Emperor Charles V at the Diet of Worms where Luther was summoned to defend and recant his writings)

Walking the town of Worms


A view of Heidelberg Castle from Old Town Heidelberg

Heidelberg Castle Tour

City of Heidelberg situated on the Neckar River


Replica of Gutenberg’s printing press

A demonstration at the Gutenberg Museum revealed how Johann Gutenberg (1398-1468) created metal moveable type for the printing press (this backwards “G” for Gutenberg was poured/created during the demonstration; Gutenberg’s 42-line Bible was the first significant printing using this method; later, Martin Luther’s Bible was printed, and the ideas of the Protestant Reformation spread across Europe thanks to Gutenberg’s innovation)

Visiting the Gutenberg Museum, Mainz

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