July 10 – Lungern & Zurich, Switzerland

A view of the town Lungern and its beautiful adjoining lake 

Walking tour – Zurich, Switzerland

Statue of Swiss Reformer Ulrich Zwingli (1484-1531) “For God’s sake, do not put yourself at odds with the Word of God. For truly it will persist as surely as the Rhine follows its course. One can perhaps dam it up for a while, but it is impossible to stop it.”

Zwingli became pastor of the Grossmunster Church in 1519, when it became Protestant and changed the face of Switzerland and Protestantism; Zwingli dropped canned sermons and preached directly from the New Testament, “The Scriptures are for our moral guidance” – Zurich, Switzerland

Zwingli closed this nunnery and reestablished the grounds with a school for young children; today the building is part of the University of Zurich

Zwingli preached from the Grossmunster pulpit for 12 years; he preached against idolatry and had all of the church’s icons and art removed

Depiction of the symbolic animals representing the four Gospels (see Rev. 4:7) – Grossmunster Church, Zurich

Doors of the Grossmunster Church depict scenes of the Reformation and the Bible; Zwingli put forward 67 theses summarizing the Gospel (as shown in this panel), and shortly thereafter, magistrates of the town agreed that only the Bible would be used to settle disputations – Zurich

Grossmunster Church doors depict scenes of the Bible and Reformation – Zurich

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