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Thank you Principia for making this trip a wonderful experience. And thank you to Biblos Foundation for inspiring us with Kristy’s talks along the way! We’ve asked the group partcipants to express their gratitude and share what they have learned from the trip. Here are some of their responses below:

Coming to Israel has been a life changing experience that I know will stay with me for for the rest of my life. Being able to visit so many significant places has sparked more of an interest to study the Bible and has made me so grateful for Christian Science.I have been able to dig into stories and see new perspectives that I never would have imagined. I am also glad I was able to come to this land and see everything first hand. A huge take away from from this trip has been realizing the spiritual significance behind each location that can be shared and recognized anywhere in the world.  
Jason McEntire

This trip has been very imformative and interesting. I’ve enjoyed visiting the many different sites where Jesus healed/taught and other biblical characters fought, resided, and/or preached. The tour has helped me to better relate with the bible and there is very little – if anything – that I would change about it. I love how Eitan knows so much about (it seems like) all of Israel and how engaged he is in the history and events he speaks about! I am so grateful to have accompanied everyone on this voyage and I thank both Samson Tours and our American leaders for putting this together!
Gena Berger

Visiting the Holy Land these last ten days has significantly changed my interest in, understanding of, and excitement, of the Bible. I now realize my life is tied to the characters in the Bible, and these ideas and events impact my life, my outlook, and has lead to Christian Science. I now see how Christian Christian Science is, and reading the Bible has already become more of a relevant and interest in my life!
Marina Byquist

This Israel trip has completed my study of Christian Science. I have always been very into the Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy but going more into depth and learning bible stories was an eye opening experience that I have never been through before. Being in Israel and having a visual and inspirational talk each sight we go to I have learned that every story has a spiritual outlook and continuous healing of power. This trip has been especially special for me because my dad was very for this trip and supporting my study of the Bible. Having this opportunity to further my growth in Christian Science has made me witness my love for this religion and everything it has ever given me my whole life growing up. Words can’t describe how grateful I am for being able to come on this trip with such an amazing group of Christianq  Science teens and adults. Thanks again for Kristy, Mrs. Wallace, Eitan, Merrill and Mousa for making this possible and everyone else for being part of this experience of a life time.
Megan Selby

This trip has been an absolutely amazing experience, one which has affected and improved my life in so many ways. Although Jerusalem was really intriguing, I enjoyed spending more time in the country atmosphere around Galilee and the Mediterranean. Eitan’s overflowing and never ending knowledge inspires me to keep seeking what I don’t know. His encouragement has allowed me to feel as if I can ask whatever question comes to thought. I have had some great insights from this encouragement and am looking forward to my time at home to continue studying. Both you and Kristy have been the main motivation to seek further, specifically for the Bible, and I really love learning so much.
Thank you all for all of your help and support on this trip. I’ve had at least three healings and counting!
Sydney Delaney

I loved this trip and recommend it to anyone who studies the Bible or wants to understand it better. Visiting the actual locations of Biblical stories and events adds rich context to their meaning. The guides, talks, and hotels have been great, and I am heading back to the US inspired to dig deeper into the Bible and Christian Science.
Dana Byquist

The Israel trip has given me a tangible understanding of the Bible. I have been enlightened as well as challenged to think deeply metaphysically from all of Kristy’s inspiring talks. Overall, this trip has showed me the significance of studying the scriptures to be successful in practicing Christian Science.
Olivia Halverson

When the trip leaders proclaimed that this trip would be life-changing, I thought that it was pretty lofty but it turns out that they were absolutely correct.  I came away with a deeper understanding of the Bible, a closer connection to its teachings, and a desire to “dig in” and understand it even better.  Much more importantly, this will bless everybody and everything in my life.  I’m very grateful indeed to have gone!
~ anonymous

This trip to Israel has been a wonderful opportunity for me to learn more about the Bible and witness it come alive.  I loved seeing the Bible sights since they helped to paint a picture in my mind of what the stories actually would have been like and what the people actually experienced. I also loved the talks which Kristy gave to us at many of the biblical sights, as they provided me with new insights and inspiration from a spiritual perspective. One of my favorites was at the Pool of Siloam when she talked about blindness as not being just a physical ailment but a spiritual one as well. When we are seeing others as limited beings, as many people were when they only saw the man as blind, we are holding them back and being spiritual blind to what is good and true. I also loved the idea we talked about with the Dead Sea versus the Sea of Galilee.  The Dead Sea has no outlets and can only take things in. It’s inability to give freely makes it dead and unable to support life. The Sea of Galilee, on the other hand, has outlets in which it can both give and receive, allowing it to sustain life and provide an abundance of resources to others. This really reminded of Mary Baker Eddy’s quote on how giving can not impoverish us but rather only bless us.  I love these ideas of having spiritually open eyes and giving selflessly, and I plan to look for ways in which I can be seeing people as unlimited and be more selfless.   The spiritual lessons I have learned from this trip truly have made Israel memorable and worthwhile, and I am so grateful I was able to come on this trip and gain so many more new insights about the Bible and it’s connections to Christian Science.
And on a slightly less spiritual note, I am so grateful for the incredible food. I think we would all agree that we have never had such delicious and fresh food in such abundant quantities before. The bread was always warm, the meat was savory, the veggies were crisp, and the desserts were to die for. If only we could bring back the cuisine along with all our new Bible insights!
Thank you for the incredible trip and the experience of a lifetime!
Courtlyn Reekstin

I just want to say how very much I enjoyed getting to know each of you. It was a special privilege to travel to the Holy Lands with such a stellar group of students and adults I imagine we will all be finding new and remembering olds nuggets, of history, Christianly Scientific inspiration, and practical ways to demonstrate, and to follow the Master metaphysician, Christ Jesus.
Debbie Master

Thank you both for such a wonderful trip.  I personally feel forever indebted to you for allowing me to tag along.  It was a privilege to be a part of that truly amazing experience.  Reading the lesson and studying the Bible will never be the same again.  The depth of this trip will allow me to dig deeper into my studies.  It has increased my passion to know more about the way of life that we have chosen.  I find myself now needing to go beyond just the letter in order to find the true meaning of prophecy and what the master metaphysician is teaching us.  I look forward to continued education in this area through future talks and trips with you all.
Josh Henn

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