Day 9 – Travel to Antalya

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Today we drove for many hours to our next destination. Along the way we went through the ancient land of Galatia which included Pamphlyia, Lyconia, Cappadocia and Psidia.These places are mentioned in Acts.
We drove through the Taurus mountains again and then southwest to the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. We stopped by the road side to see the Tel of the ancient city of Lystra where Paul healed the impotent man and where the Gentiles wanted to make gods of Paul and Barnabas and the Jews tried to stone him. Here the disciples ‘stood’ around Paul and raised him up. He went back into the city and then left the next day for Derbe about 100 miles away. Kristy gave a wonderful talk as we sat on the bus and looked at the surrounding countryside of the city of Lystra.
One thing this trip is teaching all of us is that Paul was so incredibly dedicated to spreading his Christian message that he let nothing stop him. He walked over mountains, and rivers, and extensive plains. He rode in ships over rough waters, and scholars think he traveled over 17,000 miles most of them on foot. He met the resistance of the Pagan world along with the unreceptive Jewish thought, and just kept being persistent until churches were established all over today’s Turkey. What debt we owe to Paul!!

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