Day 6: Florence, Italy – Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Breakfast this morning in our hotel in Florence & the First Church of Christ Scientist, Florence: 

Breakfast room Florence hotel FirstChurchofChristScientist-Florence

This morning we walked to the Museum di San Marco and saw the beautiful frescoes of Fra Angelico.  This was once the monastery of the Dominican Order and the artist drew these magnificent frescoes on the walls of the cells of the monks, plus an Annunciation as the monks would walk up the stairs to the cells.

Fra Angelico’s The Annunciation:

Museum di San Marco_The Annunciation_by-Fra Angelico-3

Fra Angelico’s The Virgin of the Annunciation:

Museum di San Marco_The Virgin of the Annunciation-by-Fra Angelico

Fra Angelico’s Christ reaches out to Adam to rescue him from Hell:

Museum di San Marco_Fresco_by-Fra Angelico-1

Other Dormitory Cells of the Life of Christ – “Frescoes” by Fra Angelico:

Museum di San Marco_Dormitory Cells_Fra Angelico-2

Museum di San Marco_Dormitory Cells_Fra Angelico-4

Museum di San Marco:

Museum di San Marco-1 Museum di San Marco-2

Museum di San Marco_people-2 Museum di San Marco_people Museum di San Marco_people-3

In the afternoon we walked to the Brancacci Chapel in Santa Maria del Carmine, and viewed Masacio’s frescoes on the walls – depicting the life of Peter.  These are absolutely magnificent frescoes that show what art had become at this time.

Masaccio’s Fresco Mural: Life of St. Peter

Life of St. Peter_Fresco Murals_by-Masaccio


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