Day 1-2 – Traveling to Istanbul

Modern_Istanbul_skylineAfter an eleven hour flight from Toronto to Istanbul, 7 of the 21 participants on the Turkey Tour arrived at the Istanbul airport. We met together near the luggage area just to find everyone coming in at this time and to meet our guide, Tulu, a precious, gracious woman who showed us to our brand new Mercedes Bens tour bus.

IstanbulbosphorusfrombridgeThe driver took us along a route by the Sea of Marmara and  the Bosphorus where we saw many ships out in the water on one side, and the 5th century wall of the old Roman city along the other side. This Turkish city is glistening clean on every front. No graffiti, no slums that we saw, just long beautiful parkways with flowers planted along the sides and center. We were all very impressed!

After checking in, we walked to a little restaurant down one of the side-streets, ate a meal together. Then some of us came back to our Hotel for a short nap, prior to dinner, while others went on a little tour by our guide that one of the members of the group had paid for.

page_location_main_visualWe are staying at the Lares Park Hotel, which is a wonderful, comfortable hotel in downtown Istanbul. Everything is fresh, new and modern. Tonight we meet together at 7:00 pm for dinner. Several of our group came early to explore the city, so we’ll see all 22 of us at the same time in the dining room tonight.

We have two people to take pictures of the tour: one to take the sites and ruins, etc, and the other to take the people for this blog. We hope you will enjoy the daily updates and will regularly come along with us to learn about Turkey and the history of the early Christian church.


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