Day 1- 2 Travel and Arrival in London

photo1_250pxWelcome to our last trip in 2013!  We have a fabulous itinerary to look forward to for this trip. And of course so much of it has to include a lot of English history too! So we would love to share with you this England tour for two weeks, so please pass our blog link on to anyone you think might be interested.

Well, not much to report for our first couple days getting everyone together from traveling. Our tour group has gathered at a charming hotel called the St. Ermins near the new Scotland Yard building in the Kensington area of London. People are coming in from St. Louis, Canada, Washington, Michigan and Illinois. We are small but mighty!

photo5_250pxOur tour guide is named Sarah, and we have had her before. She speaks the ‘kings’ English, and it is exactly like listening to Mary Poppins. Last time we were with Sarah I wrote down some of her favorite expressions like ‘wiggling through’ London and ‘popping off’ our coach. She told us not to get ‘too stroppy’ which meant too haughty, and the roads were always ‘a bit of a tangle’. We could be ‘cheeky’ or ‘twitchy’ or ‘right smart’ and even sometimes a ‘little dodgy’. It’s so much fun just to listen to her all day long, why is it that we Americans love the British accent?

Tomorrow we start our first day, visiting Chartwell House, the home of Winston Churchhill and a small coastal town of Rye (east Kent).

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