Caesarea Philippi

• “At the base of Mount Herman where Jesus asked his disciples, “Whom do men say that I the Son of man am?” & “But whom say ye that I am?” (Matt. 16:13-28) Greco-Roman city near a flowing stream – one of the sources of the Jordan River.” – Bruce Yates

“Bible talk discussing where Jesus declared Peter as the Rock (Petros) upon which his church would be built…the Rock, the Christ, the Truth. If we lose sight of the founder (Jesus), we will flounder!” – Bruce Yates

Temple of Pan, a pagan site

Wall of the city of Dan, also called Leshem. II Josh 19: 47

“Where Jeroboam sacrificed calves (1 Kings 12:32,33)” – Bruce Yates

Canaanite Gate of the 3 Arches, 1900 BC!

“Shawarma for lunch – Yum!” – Bruce Yates

Viewing Syria, from the UN overlook, manned by Australian peacekeeping forces. We could see the smoke of the fighting.” – Bruce Yates

“Site of a synogogue buried by an earthquake in 479 AD, and being rebuilt with the help of amazing computer technology. Placing stone upon stone. like a jigsaw puzzle…” – Bruce Yates

“These arches survived the earthquake. They dammed a stream and provided water for the synogogue, the community, and for irrigation.” – Bruce Yates

“This is the only arch for the Torah that exists in the world from this time. This is the first level of thr Synagogue after 10 Years of reconstructive work.” – Bruce Yates

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