6/13/18 – Pergamos

Today was our visit to Pergamos – one of the seven churches mentioned in chapter 2 of Revelation. It is about 15 miles from the Aegean Sea. We saw a theater, the temple of Trajan, and the Serapeum.

One of the most impressive altars was built here. Now it is located n the Museum in Berlin. The Great Altar was built during Eumenes II. He also established a research library – one rivaling the library at Alexandria, Egypt. Ptolemy IV, the Greek ruler of Egypt, was not pleased with another library, so he prevented the export of papyri from Egypt. Consequently, the production of Parchment – treated skins of sheep and calves – became the writing material. More expensive than papyrus, but much more durable.

Pergamos also housed a shrine to Aesculapius – the god of healing. His symbol was the serpent.

Special insights: The letter mentions “Satan’s throne or seat” – literally where Satan claims to rule and dominate. Is church alerting the world to the false allurement of the serpent which tends to draw humanity to look elsewhere than God for our health and well-being?

Assos – morning seaside walk
Assos – morning view of the cove at our hotel where we went swimming
Pergamos – walking the Agora
Pergamos – view of the theater
Pergamos – altar to Zeus (front right)




Download video to watch by clicking on this link:

Assos – our hotel pool had a fun slide

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