6/14/18 – Thyatira

Today was our visit to Thyatira – a town noted for its trade guilds. There was not much to see, but much to learn about the letter to the church found in Revelation, chapter 2.

Special insights: We learned from this letter to be aware of what attempts to influence its members to act contrary to the standards of the founder and know who we are following. This church was doing nothing to stop an erroneous influence from infiltrating their membership.

Next, we drove to Smyrna – 35 miles north of Ephesus.

Little has been excavated here except for the agora, theater and sections of the Roman aqueduct.

Special insights: The letter in Revelation 2:8-11 is filled with the affection and joy that comes from triumph over hardship and persecution. The church faced strong Jewish opposition in Smyrna. Yet, the church held onto what it knew to be true about the founder, despite the persecution. The founder’s message: don’t give up; keep the faith; victory is assured.

Smyrna Agora
Smyrna – lion from arena
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