6/10/18 – Veria & Thessaloniki

Today was our visit to Thessalonica – 328 miles north of Athens and built near the sea. We saw the ancient forum – dated to the late 2nd or early 3rd century, the palace complex of Galerius Maximianus, the hippodrome, temples and other monuments.  The Rotunda – a 4th century building – was later converted into a Christian church.

Special insights: Paul and Silas preached in Thessalonica. For 3 Sabbath days Paul reasons with the Jews and speaking to them about Jesus as the fulfillment of their Hebrew prophecies. A few Jews believed; but a larger number opposed this teaching. So, they fled to Berea where the Jews were much more receptive. They were willing to search the Scriptures daily. One early Church writer (Iraneaus) wrote: “The church’s bulwark against error was the Bible.” Paul lived by this and was teaching the churches how important it is to know the Scriptures – for there we find the founder.

mosaics of Paul
a visit to the tomb oh Philip II of Macedon
Synagogue of Veria (Berea)
synagogue of Veria (Berea)
looking at the ark of the Torah in a synagogue, Veria (Berea)
mosaics of Paul, Veria (Berea)
group standing with Paul, Veria (Berea)
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