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Upcoming Tours

THIS TOUR IS FULL. Join Biblos as we discover the inspiration and beauty of Scotland. Exploring this country’s rich history and culture, we will tour Scottish land and shore while witnessing the influence of early Christianity, Roman soldiers, Vikings, noble clansmen, powerful ruling monarchs, and more.

March 26 – April 8, 2019: Join us as we walk the land that Jesus did, from the bustling city of Jerusalem to the peaceful shores of Galilee. The Scriptures will come alive with its inspired Word, as we visit significant Old and New Testament sites, and study God’s Word.

THIS TOUR IS FULL: May 2-12, 2020: We will explore the Island of Patmos for an in-depth study of the book of Revelation!

July 20-31, 2020: Join us on a Protestant Reformation tour in Germany. We will explore the foundation it laid for all Christianity, Mary Baker Eddy’s discovery of Christian Science, and for us today.

April 1-15, 2021: Join us explore the history of early Christianity. Few historians recognize the importance of the Irish and their contribution to western Christianity’s survival. This is a unique tour which encompasses many different aspects of Ireland’s history.

November 1-14, 2021: Join us in Italy for a two-fold purpose. The first one is to discover how the Bible was portrayed to an illiterate audience; and the second is to learn more about early Christianity.