Protestant Reformation Tour 2017

July 1 – Prague

Standing on the Charles Bridge, Prague Jan Hus engraving, Bethlehem Chapel in Prague Jan Hus, Prague Jan Hus refusing to recant his preaching, painting in Bethlehem Chapel, Prague Rendering of the Bethlehem Chapel and neighboring town, Prague Standing outside Bethlehem Chapel, Prague Bethlehem Chapel pulpit, Prague Guard at Prague Castle St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague Locally […]

July 2 – Dresden, Wittenberg

Walking the streets of Dresden Ceiling of the Frauenkirche, Dresden Dresden Rebuilt Martin Luther’s statue in front of Germany’s largest Protestant church, Frauenkirche in Dresden Standing inside the Frauenkirche, Dresden Dresden’s Frauenkirche, “Church of Our Lady,” (destroyed in WWII and was later fully reconstructed) Dresden Art Museum Dessert Parfaits, Wittenberg

July 3 – Wittenberg

A Turquoise Day, Wittenberg Melanchthon House, Wittenberg Room where Luther held Table Talks, Luther House, Wittenberg Fellow reformer Melanchthon, framed by his motto, “If God is for us, who is against us,”  Wittenberg Luther House, Wittenberg Papal Bull issued by pope against Martin Luther, Wittenberg Luther House tower – “in this tower, the Holy Spirit revealed […]

July 4 – Weimar

St. Peter and Paul Church of Weimar, also called Herder Church of Weimar Weimar Altarpiece by Cranach the Elder and his son Lucas Cranach (expresses Luther’s theology of the purifying blood of Christ Jesus, see I John 1:7 — 7  But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have […]

July 5 – Erfurt, Eisenach

Wartburg Castle, Eisenach (where Luther was hidden by friends and where he penned a translation of the New Testament into German and “fought the Devil with ink”) Group shot at Wartburg Castle, Eisenach St. George’s Church, Eisenach (Luther preached from its pulpit in 1521, Protestant today) St. Mary’s Cathedral (left, where Luther was ordained as […]

July 6 – Marburg

Marburg Castle, where the Marburg Colloquy took place in 1529 (rather than uniting the Protestants of Europe, the first major split in Protestantism resulted between Luther’s followers and Zwingli’s followers who organized the Reformed Church) Luther and Swiss reformer Ulrich Zwingli debate the real presence of Christ in the Last Supper (both disagreed with the […]

July 7 – Worms, Heidelberg, Mainz

Luther Monument of 1868, Worms (honors Luther and other reformers; the largest Reformation monument in the world; etched beneath Luther is his famous statement, “Here I stand, I can do otherwise; so help me God! Amen!”, Luther’s last words before Emperor Charles V at the Diet of Worms where Luther was summoned to defend and […]

July 8 – Grindelwald, Switzerland

Welcome to Switzerland! – The beautiful turquoise lake waters of Switzerland. During the Reformation, Grindelwald, Switzerland became Protestant, and its citizens adopted the ideas of Reformer Huldrych Zwingli Huldrych Zwingli’s translation of Psalm 23:2 became, “In the beautiful Alps he tends me.” A view from our hotel in Grindelwald, Switzerland, just before the rain. We […]

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