Protestant Reformation Tour 2017

July 1 – Prague

Standing on the Charles Bridge, Prague Jan Hus engraving, Bethlehem Chapel in Prague Jan Hus, Prague Jan Hus refusing to recant his preaching, painting in Bethlehem Chapel, Prague Rendering of […]

July 3 – Wittenberg

A Turquoise Day, Wittenberg Melanchthon House, Wittenberg Room where Luther held Table Talks, Luther House, Wittenberg Fellow reformer Melanchthon, framed by his motto, “If God is for us, who is […]

July 4 – Weimar

St. Peter and Paul Church of Weimar, also called Herder Church of Weimar Weimar Altarpiece by Cranach the Elder and his son Lucas Cranach (expresses Luther’s theology of the purifying […]

July 6 – Marburg

Marburg Castle, where the Marburg Colloquy took place in 1529 (rather than uniting the Protestants of Europe, the first major split in Protestantism resulted between Luther’s followers and Zwingli’s followers […]

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