Greece 2013

Day 10 – Pella, Veria & Vergina

Today we hopped on the bus early to start our drive south. Our first stop was almost an hour away in Pella, which was the capital of ancient the Kingdom of Macedconia founded in 399 B.C.E. We drove through our first encounter with flat countryside in Greece! There were furtile fields and farming and some […]

Day 11 – Meteora

One of the most dramatics sites we have seen on this tour are the monasteries near Meteora. As we’ve made our way south, we’re now face to face with all the mountains ranges of mainland Greece, which are magnificent, yet traveling through the switch-back road system has been a treat! Today, for example, we’ve traveled […]

Day 12 – Delphi & Arachova

We drove to Delphi today from the little ski town of Aracova that’s perched high in these mountain ranges. The road went straight up to Mt. Parnassus about ten minutes from our Hotel. Most of us knew that we had kind of a “hike” this morning but cleverly our guide, Mitra, just told us that […]

Day 13 – Travel Day

Today, after breakfast in our family-owned ski Hotel in Arachova (what’s really fun is that we actually found out the owner’s daughter was an Olympic skier, representing Greece in Utah in 2012!), we began our descent down the mountains heading for the more flatlands and plains of the Isthmus of Corinth. Most of the drive […]

Day 14 – Corinth

Today we got up early, ate an early breakfast and drove through the orchards to the archaeological site of ancient Corinth. It was about an hour away from our Hotel, and we did avoid the heat this morning. Kristy gave a lovely talk on the Letters of Corinthians and Paul’s stay there before other groups […]

Day 15 – Epidaurus

(Please note that even though this is posted July 17th, this post is for July 16th–this night we had an unexpected long drive to Poseidon’s Temple and didn’t get back to the hotel till 11:00 pm at night). This morning we drove for about an hour to the site of Epidaurus out in the middle […]

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