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Below is a list of LIVE talks available from Biblos Foundation. These topics have been chosen to help enhance one’s study of the Bible through the lens of Christian Science, and to see the relevance of the inspired Word in healing the challenges facing the world today.


Promotion and coordination of the upcoming talk is so important to the success of the event.  If you would like to be a “host/hostess,” please let us know and we can discuss the specific details below.

Biblos makes arrangements with hotels – including audio/visual requirements and food.  But any advice from the local contact as to where the talk should be held is much appreciated.

Biblos prints and mails the announcements and invitations.  Reservation cards are included in this mailing.  We also make available for those who wish to do so – to sign up online.

All transportation arrangements are made by Biblos.  We also maintain the mailing list and website, and provide handout materials.

There are no financial obligations to an individual host/hostess, Christian Science benevolent facilities, camps, or other organizations for having a talk in your city. If any expenses are incurred by the host/hostess, they will be reimbursed by the Biblos Foundation.

Biblos is responsible for all of the expenses involved in giving a talk. We do, however, charge a nominal sum of $25.00 each ($20.00 for Biblos members) to attend.  This amount covers just a small fraction of the cost.  Plus, part of our outreach to young people is to offer attendance at these talks to students (through college-age level) at no charge!

A host/hostess is our local contact for the talk. We ask the volunteer to work with our speaker and administrative assistants to:

  • Submit a mailing list of potential attendees and either postal or email addresses.
  • Recommend a suitable venue for the talk.
  • Promote the talk locally by contacting those who you think would be interested in attending.
  • Recruit, if needed, a few volunteers to assist at the live work (i.e. serve at the check-in table, pass out handouts, etc.).
  • Preceding the talk, accept a couple of boxes which will be sent to your home or office. These will include hard copies of handouts, check-in lists, name tags, and supplies for the talk.
  • Be available before the talk to set up the check-in table in order to be ready when registrants arrive.

Please email us at with any questions or call Josh Henn at 636.220.1144.

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