Why Study Bible Locations

George Adam Smith asks, “How far does the geography of Palestine bear witness to the truth and authenticity of the different books of the Bible?  How far does a knowledge of the land assist our faith in the Word of God and Jesus Christ His Son?” (Smith, The Historical Geography of the Holy Land, 88).

Through our Scriptural study we will be able to discern what has been given to humanity by the biblical pioneers who have traversed this land of the Bible.  The Holy Land has the capability of nourishing us with inspiration if we are willing to listen on a much deeper level and discern the healing message each event and location offers.

In a small territory, in a narrow land called “Israel,” most of the biblical events occur.  But what comes to thought as we study these stories at the different locales is that the land was not simply chosen by fate or chance.  Karl Ritter is quoted as saying, “Nature and the course of history show us that [in these Bible lands], from the beginning onwards, there cannot be any talk of chance” (Smith, The Historical Geography of the Holy Land, 91).

These locations have much to teach us if we will just quietly listen and learn.  Great spiritual lessons await us as we see the land as a laboratory for defeat of every challenge known to humanity.  Then we will understand why we cannot leave Israel in geography.  We must discover it within ourselves.

Smith, George Adam. The Historical Geography of the Holy Land. Gloucester, MA: Peter Smith, 1972.

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