Paul and Early Christianity, Vol. 1 (BOOK)


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by Kristy L. Christian & Kathryn L. Merrill

The story of Paul is a thrilling adventure of conversion and conviction! His impact on early Christianity and the early Christian church unfolds through an in-depth look at his life and the astounding sacrifices he made to preach Christianity to the known world. Volume 1 begins with a review of Jesus’ disciples and the apostles, the Gospel narratives, the structure of Jewish religious sects, the Passion Week chronology, the walk to Emmaus, the morning meal, and Jesus’ appearances after the resurrection. This volume continues with a study of the Book of Acts, Chapters 1-9. For each chapter in Acts, study questions and answers are provided with valuable information on people, terms, geography, healings, and more. Teacher’s Notes are included. (Spiral Bound)

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