Nativity Bundle – “Unto Us a Son is Given”


“Unto Us a Son is Given” is a series of six talks on the biblical accounts of Jesus’ nativity. We will look more deeply into the Gospels of Matthew and Luke and discover their similarities and differences. There is also a discussion of Mary and her role as the mother of the Messiah. 2 hours. (272 MB)


Talk One: This talk includes a specific discussion of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and why a deeper understanding of her is relevant to the story of the Nativity. We will cover some of the misconceptions that have developed over the years about her role. 18 min. (44 MB)


Talk Two: This talk begins with a discussion of some of the New Testament references about Mary. Then we will look at Matthew’s version of the story and discover the differences and similarities with the Gospel of Luke. 26 min. (48 MB)


Talk Three: This talk continues with Matthew’s version of the nativity. 24 min. (49 MB)


Talk Four: Luke’s version of the nativity is discussed in this session. 25 min. (48 MB)


Talk Five: This session continues with Luke’s version of Jesus’ nativity. 19 min. (43 MB)


Talk Six: In this talk we will look at Mary Baker Eddy’s poem,Christ and Christmas, and consider two of the drawings: “Christmas Eve” and “Christmas Morn.” Some comments about these pictures by early workers in the Christian Science Movement are shared. 16 min. (39 MB)



An “Audio Visual Talk” by Kristy L. Christian (approx. 2 hrs. long. There are 6 video files – each approximately 18-25 minutes long). “Audio Visual Talks” are comprised of digital audio files with PowerPoint slides that accompany the live talk for enhancing and reinforcing the spoken word.

The “Audio Visual Talks” are video .mov files available for purchase. They download directly to your computer. Since most of these talks are between 2-4 hours long, the files will correspond to approximately 30-minute segments. It is recommended that you view these files with QuickTime, a free software program you can download to your computer that works very well with both PCs and Macs. We are planning to offer .mpv files in the future but for now, you can only watch and play these video files by downloading QuickTime software.

Again, if you are having any technical difficulties, please email us at and we would be more than happy to help you.

If you have questions about QuickTime (all Apples come with QuickTime installed), please see our “Help” section. There are tutorials there to use if you are having issues.

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