Light of Prophecy Bundle + CD


The biblical prophecy of Jesus and Christian Science (discovered and founded by Mary Baker Eddy) printed in 2 Volumes: a set of two hardcover books (per volume) & one spiral-bound Study Edition (two volumes in one). Plus, the Audio Book version on CD (on six compact discs). All 3 containing the same content – related quotes from the Bible, Mary Baker Eddy’s writings, early Christian Science workers, and well-known Bible scholars.

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BUNDLE: Light of Prophecy Hardcover 2-Volume Set & spiral-bound Study Edition + Audio Book on CD

Volume I – Christ Jesus

Examine prophetic verses from the Old Testament side-by-side with their New Testament fulfillment in Jesus’ life. Read passages where Jesus confirms his Messiahship and the disciples recognize his fulfillment of prophecy resulting in an expansion of the church. The final chapter quotes Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer, Founder, and Leader of Christian Science, regarding Jesus and prophecy.

Volume II – Christian Science

Explore key quotes from the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s writings along with supporting text from early Christian Science workers and well-known Bible scholars. Study prophetic scripture in relation to Christian Science and its Leader, Mary Baker Eddy. This volume firmly establishes Christian Science in prophecy.

Hardcover Set:

This 2-Volume set includes a foil-stamped decorative slipcase housing two elegant hardcover books. It's printed with a large, easy-to-read font. Each book contains two satin ribbon bookmarks.

Study Edition:

The original 2-Volume set has been spiral-bound into one outstanding collection. Gold lettering complements the soft, chocolate brown cover. Inside is even more beautiful. The text is identical to the hardcover books, and the full-color pictures are crisp and clear. It is significantly lighter than the original set. Take this book anywhere. Fill it with notes, and enjoy knowing the transition from one book to another is as simple as the flip of a page.

Audio Book on CD:

Six compact discs of the 2-Volume Light of Prophecy read out loud.

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