God Talk Series, Part 8 (Audio)


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The subject of “God” is one of the most important studies a Bible student can undertake. Why? To understand God is at the heart of comprehending who we are as His image and likeness. We will also learn that a knowledge of God is the foundation for everything we think, everything we speak, everything we do.

This series of talks on “God, the great I AM” (S&H 587:5), will cover the topics of God’s name and nature as revealed throughout the Old and New Testaments and Mary Baker Eddy’s writings – what God does, and specifically, Christ Jesus’ teachings on who God is and what He does.

Mrs. Eddy writes in Miscellaneous Writings, page 192:6: “It is of infinite importance to man’s spiritual progress, and to his demonstration of Truth in casting out error, — sickness, sin, disease, and death, in all their forms, — that the terms and nature of Deity and devil be understood.”

Our focus in this series will be to look more closely at the “terms and nature of Deity.”

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