“By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them” & “Scriptural Healing” (BOGO)


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“BY THEIR FRUITS YE SHALL KNOW THEM” (Matthew 7:20), by Ark Publications, is a new book of selected testimonies of healing from early Christian Science periodicals (1889-1922). The book begins with testimonies written by children and illustrates how naturally the child-like thought understands and demonstrates the Christ. The second chapter contains children’s testimonies written by parents and highlights the success of parents’ unyielding reliance on God for their children’s welfare and safety. In the final chapter adults share the joyous, life-changing freedom that results from practicing Christian Science. 153 pages.

“SCRIPTURAL HEALING” – reprinted in 2017. This travel size 4×6″ leather-bound reprinting of Helen Young’s inspirational work includes Young’s original compilation of King James Bible verses. All twenty-nine chapter topics and respective verses, which fill 269 pages, are brimming with God’s healing Word (e.g. “God the Real Life of Man,” “God the Rescuer and Deliverer of Man,” and “God the Great and Only Physician”).