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“Praise God with a Song” & “Harmony of Prayer”

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Praise God with a Song – 

This biblically inspired 12-song compilation is designed to promote healing. It features five unique musical settings of poems by Mary Baker Eddy, Albert Hay Malotte’s “The Lord’s Prayer,” two a cappella pieces, and much more!

  1. Communion Doxology – a cappella (composed by Genevan Psalter)
  2. Feed My Sheep (written by Mary Baker Eddy, composed by Katrina Wylie)
  3. The Lord’s Prayer (composed by Albert Hay Malotte)
  4. Love Never Faileth (composed by Frederic W. Root)
  5. Love (written by Mary Baker Eddy, composed by Nan Butcher)
  6. Comfort Ye (composed by George Frideric Handel)
  7. Satisfied (written by Mary Baker Eddy, composed by Brian Shyer)
  8. The Prodigal Son (written by William Aubert Luce, composed by Martin Broones)
  9. Christ My Refuge (written by Mary Baker Eddy, composed by Frederic W. Root)
  10. O Lord Most Holy (composed by Cesar Franck)
  11. Mother’s Evening Prayer (written by Mary Baker Eddy, composed by Henry Palkes)
  12. 23rd Psalm – a cappella (interpreted and composed by Bobby McFerrin)


Harmony of Prayer –

An album of 20 hymns, sung ‘a cappella’ by Josh Henn. The hymns chosen for this album have been selected for their uplifting messages which comfort and affirm God’s healing Word. Ella Rathvon notes Mary Baker Eddy’s appreciation for hymns in her reminiscence:  “Almost daily Mrs. Eddy would join with us in singing one or more of the hymns that are regularly sung in Christian Science churches and homes” (Ella S. Rathvon, C.S.B.).

1. Abide with me – 2:15
2. All power is given unto our Lord – 3:03
3. Everlasting arms of Love – 1:35
4. From sense to Soul – 2:18
5. Give me, O Lord, an understanding heart – 2:24
6. He that hath God his guardian made – 2:58
7. Holy, Holy, Holy – 2:48
8. I know no life divided – 2:12
9. I love to tell the story – 4:11
10. In atmosphere of Love divine – 1:32
11. In heavenly Love abiding – 2:14
12. It matters not “Satisfied” – a poem by Mary Baker Eddy – 2:15
13. Nearer, my God, to Thee – 4:56
14. O gentle presence “Mother’s Evening Prayer” – a poem by Mary Baker Eddy – 4:11
15. O Lord, I would delight in Thee – 2:48
16. O tender, loving Shepherd – 3:09
17. Still, still with Thee – 2:12
18. Take my life, and let it be – 2:14
19. Through the love of God our Saviour – 3:04
20. Trust the Eternal – 2:23