Gospel of John – Part 1

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Gospel of John – Part 1

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Welcome to Biblos Foundation’s Online eCourse

Welcome to our private classroom! Our goal with this course is to encourage a deeper appreciation for The Gospel of John. The course (Part 1) is structured around the first eleven chapters of The Gospel of John. These recordings are intended to not only expand and illuminate the historical background, but to provide deeper and inspiring highlights as well.

What to expect from this eCourse:

Any questions at all, feel free to email kchristian@biblosfoundation.org – and please make sure that this email is listed as a contact in your email system so that “reply responses” do not go into a spam folder.

  • The course material is organized into sixweeks, and each week is listed: “Week 1,” “Week 2,” and so forth.
  • Each week has 2-5 talks by Kristy (each between 15-30 minutes in length).
  • In addition to the talks, each week will have corresponding “Study Questions,” along with any related Christian Science articles, plus any other relevant study resources specifically geared towards enhancing this course.
  • It is important to remember that even though this is a self-study course, Kristy is more than happy to answer questions, so please feel free to email her or call her to discuss your questions: toll-free 888-524-2567or 636-220-4380.

One final request: Please refrain from sharing our course link with others who have not subscribed to Biblos.