John Chapter 6 (Bible Session)

NEW! – This Bible session covers the verses in the 6th chapter of the Gospel of John. It has been prompted by a statement Mrs. Eddy makes about the sixth chapter of John’s Gospel: “The 6. Chap. of John has the most metaphysical and scientific statement of being that the Bible contains.” (Mary Baker Eddy Collection #A10680).

Love, the Biblical Basis for Healing (Bible Session)

NEW! – This Bible session discusses Jesus’ definition of the greatest commandment and the Golden Rule. Also included are comments from Mary Baker Eddy on the importance of understanding God as divine Love.

Luke Chapter 9 (Bible Session)

NEW! – This talk discusses the verses in Luke, chapter 9, prompted by a statement Mrs. Eddy wrote in a letter to Sarah O. Bagley, November 8, 1868: “Now dear, if you . . . could understand the spiritual or rather the scientific sense of the 9th Chap[ter] of Luke[,] you would see my life in its truer meaning” (The Mary Baker Eddy Collection, Accession #L08307).

Woman Bowed Over

NEW! – This talk discusses Jesus’ healing the woman bowed over for 18 years.

The Widow of Zarephath

NEW! – This talk discusses how the prophet Elijah sustains the widow and her son after her supplies have been exhausted.

Tarsus: Background on Saul/Paul

NEW! – This talk discusses the cultural climate of Tarsus Saul/Paul was raised in before his conversion. It also gives some historical background on what Pharisees believed at this time.