Available to Biblos Premium Members, our collection of videos explore biblical topics in both audio and visual detail. 

This 23-minute video discusses the significance of the Abgar Inscription discovery and what it means for Christians today.

This 30-minute video discusses the story of Abraham not only in terms of family but also in terms of faith – a faith that corresponded with obedience.

This 50-minute video covers specifically the Beatitudes found in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 5.

This 7-part video series, titled, “Church of the new-born” (The People’s Idea of God, p.14) discusses the question, “Why do we need church in our world today?”

This 7-part video shares the parallel between Jesus’ and Mary Baker Eddy’s comments on Christian healing.

This short 13-minute video discusses Daniel’s protection while in the lions’ den and how his obedience and innocence saved him.

This 44-minute video on freedom covers Moses’ and the Children of Israel’s trek out of bondage.

This 22-minute video discusses Jesus’ healing of the ten lepers and the significance of the Samaritan who showed such heartfelt gratitude to God after he was healed.

This 6-part video talks about the biblical accounts of Jesus’ nativity. We will look more deeply into the Gospels of Matthew and Luke and discover their similarities and differences. There is also a discussion of Mary and her role as the mother of the Messiah. Approximately 2 hours.

This 33-minute talk covers the conversion story of Saul on his way to Damascus and discusses its impact on the growth of the early Christian church beyond the borders of Israel.

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