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Available to Biblos Premium Members, our collection of “audio only” podcasts highlights important biblical topics for deeper study.

NEW! – This talks discusses Jesus’ parable on forgiveness and the unmerciful servant.

NEW! – This talk discusses Jesus’ parable of the woman baker with leaven and the three measures of meal.

NEW! – This talk discusses the significance of Peter’s extraordinary release from prison in Jerusalem during Herod Agrippa I’s reign.

In this talk we cover the subject of prayer and delve more deeply into biblical examples which illustrate what prayerful communication with God consisted of and the results which occurred from that type of communication.

This talk will focus specifically on the biblical characters of Joseph, Daniel, Jesus, and Paul, who illustrate for the world that wholehearted trust in God is the answer to feeling safe and protected.

This 28-min talk discusses the three temptations of Jesus that he is confronted with before he begins his public ministry.

NEW! – This talk discusses how the prophet Elijah sustains the widow and her son after her supplies have been exhausted.

NEW! – This talk discusses the verses in Revelation 22:1-3, 5.

This talk discusses what Jesus tells us about the foundation of his church.

This talk discusses why understanding the inspired Word of the Bible is “our sufficient guide to eternal life.” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 493)

NEW! – This talk discusses Jesus’ healing the woman bowed over for 18 years.