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In our continued prayers regarding the claims of coronavirus and epidemic, we would like to share a Biblos Podcast and an article from The Christian Science Journal.


The 91st Psalm brings the sweet assurance that “in the secret place” we are safe and secure from unholy influences that would attempt to invade our thinking. To hear more about the healing message of the 91st Psalm, we invite you to listen to part one of seven of our Premium Member Podcast titled “. . . safe under the shadow of His wing” (Mary Baker Eddy, Miscellaneous Writings 157).


“Truth alone is really epidemic, because it is universally present” writes Gustavus S. Paine (The Christian Science Journal, April 1921). This healing thought and many others are included in Gustavus’s article titled “The Epidemic of Truth”:

“A belief that any lies are epidemic or prevalent among people is not to be feared in the slightest, when it is understood that such a condition is sheer illusion. The only reason why it needs to be considered is that it may be specifically replaced with the truth that the divine Mind and its orderly action is all that is really present.”

“The glory and righteousness which consist of the understanding of Principle ward off effectively the attacks of any epidemic of fear by demonstrating that the truth alone is really epidemic, because it is universally present.”

To read the full article, please click here.

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