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Biblos Foundation would like to share, at no charge, Talk 1 (14 min.) of our 3-week eCourse (9 talks) entitled Discipleship: A Call to Arms.” 

This 3-week eCourse discusses (1) the qualities of “discipleship” according to Jesus’ recorded statements in the Gospels and (2) our purpose and mission should we endeavor to be a disciple, and how we can fulfill that mission. We will look at the known facts surrounding the 12 disciples; then we will focus on what it means to have the mind of Christ (see Phil. 2:5).  We will discover, to use Harry Emerson Fosdick’s words, “Christianity is not simply a message to be heard; it is a deed to be done” (The Meaning of Service, p. 15).

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We hope you enjoy this talk.


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