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With a new school year unfolding and news sources reporting on the 11 children found in the Taos, New Mexico, compound, our prayers naturally turn toward the little ones entrusted to our care.   We would like to share two articles that expand on King Solomon’s inspiration: “Train up a child …

In response to the tragic event at the Ottawa Reading Room, Biblos Foundation would like to share this comforting solo, “Soul’s Perfection,” composed by Carolyn Kardinal.

In light of the elections in Fall of 2016, we thought these two articles might be helpful: “Government by Truth” (The Christian Science Journal, April, 1883) “Government” (The Christian Science Journal, February, 1913)  

In response to the events in Nice, France, in March 2016, we sent this article out to our email subscribers: “The Vision of St. John and the Present War Crisis” (Christian Science Sentinel, February 1943).

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