“I will walk at liberty” (Ps. 119:45)

This eCourse will discuss the topic of freedom — how the Bible defines it and how we can see freedom manifested in our lives. It will cover Moses and the children of Israel’s trek out of bondage to their arrival on Mount Sinai. We will look at Moses’ confrontation with Pharaoh, his experience at the burning bush, and the challenges the Hebrews faced in the wilderness. Also there will be a discussion on what is required of us to leave Egypt behind and look toward the Promised Land.

The second part of the eCourse will include an in-depth examination of the Ten Commandments and a review of the relationship between God’s law and freedom and discover how God’s laws are actually rules for a dominion existence. We will discuss some of the challenges the Hebrews faced in the Promised Land. Looking to the New Testament, we will study Jesus’ inspiring statements on freedom, and finally take a look at the role the church has to play in preserving and promoting the biblical standard in which to walk at liberty.

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