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Video Vignettes

Our video vignettes highlight the inspired importance of biblical locations. 

Approximately 17 minutes, this video vignette outlines the spiritual significance of the birth of Jesus.

Approximately 16 minutes, this video vignette brings out the spiritual lessons of the night Jesus spent in Gethsemane before he was betrayed.

This video vignette discusses the challenges between Hagar and Sarah, and it points to the spiritual lesson that Hagar receives from God, at the well which she names Beerlahairoi.

This video discusses the remarkable feat of bringing water into the city of Jerusalem during the siege by Sennacherib, the Assyrian king. Thus, King Hezekiah saves the city from destruction.

Approximately 25 minutes. This video vignette covers the narrative of Jacob at Bethel, We might consider it as one of the highlights of Jacob’s experience because it represents a new beginning for him. It’s a great step forward for the patriarch in his realizing God is present with His children …

The story of Jesus’ encounter with Zacchaeus, the publican, is recounted in the Gospel of Luke. We discuss the qualities of the tax collector and why Jesus might have seen in this individual more receptivity than the other Jews of his day, and why the Master calls him “a son …

Approximately 17 minutes, this video vignette is a discussion of Jesus overcoming a mob’s hatred toward him and religious leaders’ self-righteous anger expressed toward a woman taken in adultery. The woman faces death by stoning for breaking the seventh commandment. Jesus rebukes the sinful behavior and tells her to “. . . go, and …

This video discusses the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist and how this event will confirm the divine presence and power in his Messianic mission. We will also consider the question: what does it mean when we’re told that Jesus will baptize with the Holy Ghost and with fire?

Approximately 16 minutes, this video vignette shares insights into the wilderness experience, John the Baptist, and Jesus and the three temptations.

Approximately 21.5 minutes, this video vignette (parts 1 and 2) focuses on what we might be able to learn from Moses’ experience on Mount Nebo and what the Promised Land might spiritually symbolize.

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