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Books of the Bible

Explore some of the following attributes of featured books of the bible, as they appear in the Weekly Bible Lesson: DEFINITION of the name, DATE, HISTORICAL CONTENT, AUTHORSHIP, and MESSAGE.

Malachi – in Hebrew it means “my messenger” DATE This book came into being after the time of Haggai and the author of Zechariah 1-8.  It was written after the temple was rededicated in 516-515 B.C.E.  Some prefer the date of 445/444 B.C.E. – during the time of the reign of …

  Genesis – The English title, “Genesis”, is Greek in origin.  The word is geneseos which appears in the Septuagint (the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible).  The word is found in Gen. 2:4 and 5:1.  The Greek translation of verse 4 is:  “This is the book of the origins (geneseos) …

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