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Books of the Bible

Explore some of the following attributes of featured books of the Bible, as they appear in the Weekly Bible Lesson: DEFINITION of the name, DATE, HISTORICAL CONTENT, AUTHORSHIP, and MESSAGE.

Letters of Paul – II Corinthians About this letter This letter was written from Macedonia or Ephesus around 55 or 56 C.E. Many scholars believe the letter is composed of different fragments.  Paul wrote the Corinthian church no less than four times, and possibly as many as five times. Paul visits Corinth …

Letters of Paul – I Corinthians About the city of Corinth The city had two harbors – Lechaeum and Cenchreae.  Because of the isthmus traffic, it was a magnet for all sorts of people – Romans, Greeks, Orientals, including Jews.  The isthmus linked it to mainland Greece, which made Corinth …

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